Why You Need To Ditch QuickBooks for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Introduced in the spring of 2018, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (365 Business Central) is the modern edition of the popular Microsoft Dynamics NAV product that supports thousands of small-business customers in 195 countries.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Business Central underpins virtually every part of your business and does so in a highly scalable and secure cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution running on the Microsoft Azure cloud. Its ease of use, functional breadth & depth, scalability, security, and a host of other factors make it a necessity for growing businesses still being held back by QuickBooks.

Let’s explore the reasons why Business Central is key to growth and collaboration in today’s interconnected organizations.

How to know if your company is outgrowing QuickBooks
Many signs hint at the need to switch from QuickBooks to Business Central; there are four most organizations share. They include:

  1. You’re limited in user count and file/data size.
    With on-demand scalability of cloud computing, there’s no reason to let QuickBooks hold your staff back from operating critical financial and accounting processes or deleting valuable history because of data storage demands. Unfortunately, QuickBooks imposes maximums around data and user volume, forcing you to remove historical records that could be necessary for audits and other reporting later.
  2. You’re unsure of inventory characteristics.
    QuickBooks lacks core inventory management capabilities for today’s fast-moving business environment. With no real-time visibility, your sales reps are uncertain that you can deliver what they promise, and purchasing teams fail to forecast demand in line with future sales, leaving you with too many stockouts or high carrying costs for overstock.
    Inventory knowledge is the heart of your business – if QuickBooks can’t identify your best- selling and most profitable products, you can only guess at the optimal product mix your company should offer customers.
  3. Limited Reporting and Analysis.
    Your system should enable you to run your business’s core activities the way you want, but QuickBooks offers little in the way of process and workflow integration, particularly as those need to be driven by transaction data. In addition, custom reporting is a growing concern, as more regulations get thrust upon businesses and QuickBooks suffers from a lack of custom reporting and analysis capabilities.
  4. Poor security makes data less trustworthy.
    The insecure file structure of QuickBooks data leaves it vulnerable to direct editing by anyone with access. Changes to posted transactions occur with no proof because there’s no record of transaction histories. Not only can this put your books out of balance, it can limit the companies that will do business with you, limit your pool of lenders, and even open your business to closer scrutiny from the IRS.

Why Business Central is the natural QuickBooks replacement
While you’ve likely guessed it’s those four areas that make Business Central a game-changer, there are actually six more areas of low-hanging fruit where it improves your business, including:

  1. Reporting.
    Business Central incorporates a web-based reporting portal with extensive capabilities. Combined with enhanced analytics, you gain new data elements outside of those restricted to transactions or activities and can include them in reports as custom fields in any part of any transaction, header, or detail.
  2. Ease of use.
    Business Central comes with the widely used Microsoft Office user interface, personalized feeds, and smart notifications. Add the tight integration between data, processes, and workflows, and you gain a comprehensive set of views and ways of working end-to-end processes.
    Here are several examples of work made easy via Business Central’s out-of-the-box integrations:
    1. Ability to send emails directly from sales order or contact management screens
    2. Outlook-based setup and launch of Business Central Automated notifications to approvers when users attempt to change values in documents, journal lines, etc.
    3. Memorialized interaction capture via email logging
  3. Scale.
    Nearly every business owner has heard of the virtually limitless scaling capabilities of Microsoft’s cloud-based products; Business Central is no different. Running on the Azure cloud, it can scale and support your growing business and doesn’t limit your volume of data, records, transactions, or users.
  4. Integrations with Microsoft Office.
    Business Central is built on the core Microsoft Dynamics NAV code base and integrates with other office systems, giving you an end-to-end view of your business with data connected across accounting, finance, sales, purchasing, and inventory. This improves operations and allows you to accelerate the quote-to-cash process, respond faster to sales inquiries, and service customers better with a unified dashboard.
  5. Security.
    Business Central restricts direct access to data tables, preventing harmful changes to the data; when data is changed, the system keeps a record of changes. In addition, the system runs on the Azure cloud, which is far more secure than nearly every small business’s data center or hosting environment.
  6. Choice & consistency between on-premise and cloud versions.
    While we’ve focused on the overwhelmingly popular cloud version of Business Central, you also have the option to run it on-premise. What’s even better is that you can switch to the cloud at any time and know that everything will continue to run consistently.

A lot of thought goes into the system your business will use to strive for ongoing market success. We’ve been there ourselves and have helped many companies along the way, which is why Integrated Systems Solutions is the best choice for helping you migrate from QuickBooks to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. With the right people giving you the right service, we can help you elevate your business right away. Contact us today.

Learn more about Business Central and browse through our short video library to learn about some of the features offered – cloud or on-prem.

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