We solve real world problems

Packaged software typically addresses 80-85% of Enterprise Resource Planning, leaving the rest up to you to figure out. Often your team is left to fill in the gaps with fragile, non-scalable, expensive solutions just to get through their daily work. The loss is not just in efficiency but also hidden in risk, loss of information value, computational errors and validation problems, resulting in sunk costs that will yield no future value.  When you need to slightly customize, fill a gap, augment a process, or integrate with other systems, we can help you solve these problems.

Application Development/Programming

We add business value through tailored applications

Your processes are valuable intellectual property. They reflect your acumen and industry experience. How you conduct your business and execute your process differentiates you in today’s expanding, competitive marketplace. Tailored applications can drive business value and deliver efficiencies while improving customer experience, lowering operational costs and boosting performance.

We extend your reach, streamline and improve your workflow 

Often you cannot accomplish precisely what you need to with off-the-shelf solutions creating bottleneck in your workflow.  Many times a small applet can automate specific pieces of a complicated process yielding greater throughput, simpler and fewer steps.  When you need to reach beyond the one fits all standard and find an solution to your specific needs, we can help.





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