We help you stay ahead of the competition

Manufacturing has become an incredibly diverse and segmented space where lean, agile operations provide real competitive advantages. You may be an Operations Executive seeking business insight into your true manufacturing costs and variance drivers. Or maybe you are a Production Manager who desires a more efficient and responsive way to schedule your finite capacity resources.  Even the Shop Floor Supervisor and your work cell teams can benefit from automate data collection and inventory movements at the scan of a barcode.  Today’s modern ERP system will help you gain ground on the competition.


We give you the tools you need to succeed

From light assemblies to complex discrete manufacturing, you demand a team of experienced professionals with a working knowledge of industry best practices. You will find our consultants to be well versed in all facets of manufacturing processes on the shop floor and in the cost accountant’s office. Allow us to help you organize and track your labor, materials and outsourcing more efficiently with greater accuracy.

We help you find your balance

Find the right balance between data collection and cost recovery to drive your desired level of reporting and analytics. Manage your capacity and material requirements for optimal scheduling of resources. Together, we’ll achieve hands-on successes that can deliver that competitive edge you seek.





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