We can improve your inventory management

Inventory is always on the move in a distribution organization and transporting products is the business of the wholesale distributor. The modern ERP solution delivers automation throughout the procure-to-pay cycle, helping you create requisitions to obtain bids and convert to orders with approvals. Complex analysis of demand forecasts and real-time inventory levels drive the replenishment plan and order consolidation; with 3PL integration points broadening your distribution network to reduce delivery and carrying costs while shortening order delivery lead times. Now you can track inventory and operational costs, including freight and landed costs, for reliable cost analysis by item, supplier and even transaction. The modern ERP solution gives Distributors the tools and confidence necessary to manage the complexities of inventory control.


We can help you capture and understand your demand

Demand for your product is the life source of your operation. The modern ERP solution goes beyond facilitating easy to use order entry by providing insights into customer segmentation, stratification and item sensitivity. Pricing solutions that are strategic facilitate pricing consistency to optimize margins. Built in CRM for tracking prospects and customer interactions deliver a 360 degree view of the relationship. E-Commerce integration points help you compete with manufactures who sell direct while meeting increasing customer demands for digital convenience. The true value of a modern ERP solution will progress your organization from capturing demand to a better understanding of your demand.

We can help you fulfill your commitment

Competitive forces continually squeeze Distributors from both ends of the fulfillment process. Retailers and Consumers expect 100% in order accuracy, fulfillment, and on-time delivery. Manufacturers are looking to cut you out while Transporters seek to pass along their variable costs. The modern ERP solution can automate routine tasks of pick, pack and ship with hands-free operations. Specify the types of items/transactions allowed with picking priorities across multiple bins and locations. Add lot/serial tracking and tracing for even more granular control. Get real-time performance insights to evaluate your fulfillment rates and on-time delivery statistics. Gain critical visibility of profitability of items, customers and channels to know where to focus your time and resources for continual improvement to all stakeholders.





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