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About Evolving Clothes, Inc.

Evolving Clothes is a company that sells products with attached QR codes, aptly named QCatch. These QCatch designs contain a link allowing customers to customize their QCatch at any time. In addition to clothing, Evolving Clothes combined with QCatch on numerous devices to grant customers the ability to engage more with their audience. Initially designed to showcase consumers favorite memories to share with their friends and family, Evolving Clothes itself has evolved into a broader sense including adopting pets, assisting business owners with selling their products, interactive sports, and other event avenues.

Shopify Implementation

Theme Modification
At the time of installation Shopify came out of the box with a theme called Dawn.  This theme is very robust and offers many features including responsive design as well as a simple interface with touch support.  The theme itself was lightly modified to adjust for the customer’s color specification as well as their branding.  In addition to this, the Evolving Clothes theme was modified to allow for a new page type to process QR codes called “QCatch”. Because these QR codes are dynamic, customers can change their QCatch at any time.  This page type allowed Evolving Clothes the ability to incorporate this new functionality to the website for processing a QR code quickly.

Back end Modifications
Once the front end was in place, an engine was developed to save and process QR codes. A custom Rest Service was developed to store QR code data, process the updates, and retrieval of specific information. Shopify utilizes the REST service on the front end to respond and act appropriately with QR code data as needed.

If you’re looking for a new approach to capturing interest in your products or services at an event, trade show, or anywhere.  Check out Evolving Clothes and get scanned!

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