Why you need ERP

Working without an ERP system is like running a business by the seat of your pants. Disconnected systems and processes produce operational inefficiencies, poor business intelligence and an inability to scale. You are left feeling out of control and limited?

The path to peak performance

Implementing a unified system based on Microsoft Dynamics GP alongside familiar Microsoft tools will put you on the path to peak performance. On average, companies that effectively employ and optimize ERP can:

  • close a month within a few days
  • average about a month sales outstanding
  • complete nearly 100% on-time delivery
  • experience growth in operating margins within 24 months

The road starts here

Since 1991, ISS has completed over 250 successful ERP implementations, improving efficiency by simplifying technology and streamlining processes. Our staff contains the deep knowledge in finance and technology, helping you to access critical business data, avoid compliance issues and gain the competitive edge that supports growth.





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