What is business central?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is the Next Generation of ERP software from Microsoft built on the Dynamics NAV platform and code base.  Business Central is substantially integrated with other Microsoft products – Office, Power BI, PowerApps, Outlook and CRM to name a few – providing options for individual users in how they interact and process transactions with the Business Central solution. Because of the NAV platform, extensibility and tailored solutions are available for individual customer implementations. Extensions are code components that are injected into the base application to implement new functionality.  Extensions can also be built and sold through Microsoft AppSource, a market place for users to find just what they need to enhance their Business Central Solution.

We are very excited about Business Central and what it brings to the ERP space for us as a Microsoft ERP Partner and our customers.

Your transformation starts here

Business Central is a new type of business application.  Well beyond accounting and ERP, Business Central leverages your entire office ecosystem and lets you work the way you want to work. Let us show you how Business Central can help you manage, grow and capture new business opportunities.

Start with what you need

Choose from modular applications that are designed for specific processes, roles, and industries—so you can solve a business problem and easily expand to run your entire business in the cloud.

Business Central Service Packages to meet your needs



Our Basic implementation menu option is designed to get you up and running quickly. This is deal for someone that is either using/outgrowing QuickBooks, using other small accounting systems or are a new company that wants to have their entire business history in one system.



Inventory & purchase order management adds to the basic implementation and prepares your Business Central solution to handle purchasing of products or services, managing inventory including serial and lot-controlled items and other tasks needed for small distributors.



Manufacturing build on Basic Distribution bringing bill of materials, work centers, resources and other facets of a manufacturing environment.





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