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Acumatica noted/ranked highest
in customer satisfaction and usability

An ERP Publisher with a single focus – ERP.

Acumatica is focused on ERP and only ERP.  This is important to note and understand.  Over our 25+ years of history of working with ERP and other business systems, it has been our experience that the best products have been from software publishers that are focused in a market and not diluted by an overly broad market plan.  This “best of breed” approach has been our philosophy since we started business in 1991 – use the best tools and you will get the best results.  Acumatica’s focus on ERP yields happy customers, achieves numerous awards and is built on a solid platform for continued growth and development of “future proof” solutions for us to bring to you.

Modern, Growth Friendly Licensing

Scale Acumatica as your business grows and flexes with seasonal requirements.  No per-user fees! Includes ALL employees, not just a designated few. Isn’t it time you had a truly scalable ERP system to remove business bottlenecks and improve results.

Anywhere, anytime, on any device access

Born in the cloud means access.  Desktop, tablet, phone, any time of day, from anywhere you have access to the internet, Acumatica is at your fingertips.  Get to information and do what you need to now.

Flexible deployment

Deploy Acumatica to suit your business requirements and IT plans.  Not all businesses are the same and you need options.  Acumatica Cloud (AWS), Private Cloud, or on-premise, the choice is yours.

Loaded with out of the box features (just to name a few)

Warehouse and Shipping

Built-in shipping for major shippers including rate shopping. No need to leave the ERP solution for most shipping scenarios
ShipStation integration
EasyPost integration
Pack to box – know which items are in which box.
Mobile scanners for picking

Built-in support for Credit Card Processing using

Easy integration to Avalara for sales tax

Built-in integration for DocuSign

Built-in CRM – no need to maintain two systems for customer sales and service

Built-in emailing of documents

Easily drag and drop files onto any document

Schedule processes to automate business processes such as emailing customer invoices, printing pick tickets for new orders, etc.

Built-in financial report writer (similar to FRx)


Search, SEARCH!

Global search feature allows you to type just about anything and find the results across the entire ERP solution. For example when a vendor calls and asks for the status of invoice ABC001 – simply type that on your home page and you will find the vendor and their invoice instantly!
Document processing – type any part of the vendor name and the lists appears. Looking for items? Start typing and see a list of items containing your search characters

Copy? COPY!

Just about any record or transaction can be copied and used to create a new record/transaction.

Recent Order History

Customer calls to re-order a product, you can click “add items” and a list pops up showing the most recent items the customer purchased, click the items they want and they are added to your sales order.

Real Dashboards

Real dashboards that actually help your employees service your customers
365 Degree customer view shows sales, items purchased, open support cases, sales opportunities, contacts with email and phone number and more, right at your fingertips
Dashboards are easily tailored per user.

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