Business Central Manufacturing – $7,500

Manufacturing products requires additional setups and relies on the implementation work completed above. You will need to understand your workflows and routings as well as the costs that need to be rolled into inventory via the manufacturing process such as labor and overhead.

  • Manufacturing setup
    • Setup processing defaults.
  • Setup work centers, resources and machine centers.
  • Bill of materials and routing setup
    • Bill of Materials (BOMs) and routings are the steps your products run through to become finished goods.
  • Production order processing
    • Once item structures have been defined you utilize production orders to process the transformation from raw materials to finished goods or sub-assemblies. This is where the rubber meets the road.
  • Item costing analysis
    • Think you know your item costs? Well help make sure you do!
  • Capacity analysis
    • Review the shop load by reviewing the shop calendar by work center to see how much capacity you have.
  • Planning
    • What should I make? What should I buy? We’ll show you how to use worksheets for purchasing and production planning.


Ready for production in approximately 30-60 days.

Deliverables Included in Scope

  • Project management
  • Requirements workshop
  • Fit gap analysis
  • Setup & configuration for one warehouse location in one company (Test and Live)
  • Custom replenishment jet report
  • 2 days of user training
  • 2 days of go live support

Additional services available separately

  • Personalization and/or custom development to address any gap items from the fit gap analysis
  • On-going technical support
  • Data conversion/migration services


  • You are already able to receive purchased items and ship a sales order in Business Central with the desired customer, item and general ledger data.
  • You have defined bills of materials.
  • You have defined production routing steps and related run times/setup times for each operation.
  • You have identified logical work centers or machine center.

The Fine Print

We can provide additional services not listed above on a time and materials basis. Manufacturing requires Business Central Premium which may be an additional cost you your license.