Overcoming eCommerce Integration Challenges

Atlas eCommerce for Dynamics GP was built with a single purpose in mind – to integrate your Dynamics GP data with your B2C or B2B eCommerce site in the most efficient and effective manner possible. In order to accomplish this, Atlas has to help businesses overcome three common challenges to eCommerce integration:

  1. How to quickly populate products into my storefront while avoiding duplicate data entry and catalog inconsistencies.
  2. How to extend Dynamics GP without excessive customization and co-mingling of data in the accounting system.
  3. How to keep data in sync between systems without creating cumbersome, partially automated processes that are prone to timing issues.

Let’s take a closer look at how Atlas can help your eCommerce business overcome these critical challenges.


The ERP system is typically the system of record for generating and maintaining the unique record identifiers – namely your customer and item (product, sku, catalog) numbers. These are often referred to as master records in the ERP system.  Other key data elements – like price, unit of measure, addresses and credit terms – exist in these master records, making it the natural starting point for building out your online product catalog.

With Atlas, users are just a single click away from publishing their items and customers from Dynamics GP to their eCommerce storefront. It’s simple, quick and best of all it does not require duplicate data entry or special imports which often result in data inconsistencies between the systems. There are also built-in connections for sales tax schedules, credit cards and shipping methods.


Most information created and stored in an ERP system rarely provides the full complement of information needed to supply online shopper’s with the rich shopping experience they desire. From an online storefront perspective, the ERP system is usually missing data elements in the master record that supports functionality such as keyword searches, product categorization, related items and product images.

Often times, businesses are forced to customize their ERP systems to accommodate for these additional data requirements. This can result in the cluttering of accounting data with marketing related information while creating a natural impediment to future system upgrades or the utilization of standard data fields currently occupied for unintended purposes.

Atlas bridges the gap by providing users with the flexibility to create an unlimited number of additional data fields related to item and customer master records directly in the Atlas user interface. The relationship between Atlas and GP data is automatically maintained between updates; presenting a single data source for publishing to your eCommerce storefront while enforcing data integrity.


In today’s internet marketing driven world, timing is everything. Keeping the most up-to-date relevant information available to online shoppers can be a critical factor in the success of your eCommerce storefront. Keeping your data in sync, in real-time, can be a critical factor in the success of your eCommerce storefront.

Generic data connectors are typically too broad in their data synchronization rules, offering an all or none proposition for syncing your master file records. These types of connectors are often batch driven, relying on manual processing or a timed sequence of events that can lag up to one full business day before refreshing your data store.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, custom developed integrations tend to be very narrowly defined often requiring on-going, costly development efforts to support new rules and scenarios for updating the storefront. This results in your data being held hostage to the custom development cycle.

Atlas gives users the freedom and flexibility in determining what data gets updated and when through the use of configurable integration policies for items, customers and orders. Create the rule, configure the policy and Atlas takes care of the rest.


If you are considering an integrated eCommerce site with your Dynamics GP ERP system, then you owe it to yourself to checkout Atlas eCommerce for Dynamics GP first. Contact us at 714-634-4697 for your free initial consultation and Atlas demonstration.