About Us

Our Dedication

Integrated Systems Solutions has over twenty years experience successfully solving business problems with technology and people

Our Focus

  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • eCommerce
  • Application Development
  • Infrastructure Support

Our Mission

To be stewards of goodwill while striving to improve the lives of our team members, customers, and partners through focused dedication.

Our Team

We attract and retain exceptional professionals dedicated to providing unparalleled service to our clients. Professionals such as CPA’s, Cost Accountants, System Engineers, Developers and Microsoft Certified Professionals round out the compliment of skills necessary for providing a complete service offering to our customers. We are very selective in choosing the right people to meet our high standards. Each of our team members demonstrate a passion towards their work and the continual process of self-development and learning. We, in turn, provide an environment that fosters cooperative growth and loyalty, where skills and knowledge are shared freely and promoted within each individual. Values that are based on strong principles and dedication towards preserving quality and integrity within our organization.

Our Customers

We are focused on the middle market. Companies that are innovative thinkers, responsible in the community, and dynamic in their approach towards achieving their goals. Organizations where we have an impact on their performance, effectiveness and overall competitiveness in the marketplace. We forge strong relationships with our customers based on integrity, solid performance, and mutual desire for success.

Our Partners

We work with the best of the best when it comes to our partners. The same values and standards you expect from us, we expect from them. Companies that are responsible and deliver on their commitments, and are innovative in their products and services. Partners that understand the importance of listening, and that share in our unyielding desire to be the best.